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Choosing a license for stumbleupon

I filed an ITP recently for stumbleupon, and have been talking with the upstream author about a suitable license for the mozilla toolbar. Im not an expert on legal or license related issues, so I'm posting here for some advice/suggestions. Basicaly this is what the upstream author said:

Geoff Smith wrote:

funnily enough, I haven't chosen a license yet.  I guess now would be a good time ;-)

Is there still an issue with MPL?  I wouldn't mind using it, but I seem to remember some issues with DFSG and MPL a while back.  Have those been resolved?

Do you have any opinions on what a good license would be?  My only concerns with the license is that being able to add proprietary extensions to stumbleupon would be nice (for people, possibly including me, who in the future want to add something to StumbleUpon that is closed-source)  I seem to remember this is a benefit of MPL.  On the other hand, I would also like to stop people from using the directly in proprietary software (which I remember being a disadvantage of BSD, and maybe MPL???)

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