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Re: The debate on Invariant sections (long)


On Sonntag 25 Mai 2003 01:19, Richard Stallman wrote:
> A political essay is (typically) written by certain persons to
> persuade the public of a certain position.  If it is modified,
> it does not do its job.  So it makes sense, socially, to say
> that these cannot be modified.

Then, why are there so many political essays under the GFDL, 
without invariant sections? 

"GNU/Linux -- Milestone on a Way into a GPL Society" by Stefan 
Merten, "GNU/Linux is not a Thing of Value, and that is Fine!" by 
Stefan Meretz, "Free People in Free Agreements" by Annette 
Schlemm, Stefan Meretz and Joerg Bergstedt, just to name a few. 
These and tons more can be found on http://www.opentheory.org 
(but unfortunally only in German (I have however a draft 
translation of the Milestone text (without footnotes)).).

"Look! They have different music on the dance floor..."

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