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Re: new-maintainer vs patents.

> That's not so beyond: you should be shure that the package you are building
> is compliant to our DFSG and that is not violating any patent or

> copyright. That mean you should inspect any file in the source.
 And I should cross-reference every line in the source against every
existing patent. 
 Where can I find a list of such patents? Have you got some method of
checking which patents are relevant?  
 For example, there exist a patent for 'accessing computers remotely', I
can't possibly find relevance by looking at every file in the source, but
by looking at bigger picture it's obvious that i am violating such patent
by using ssh or telnet or rssh ( and also by using infrared keyboard ).
 This means that I have to understand every existing patent quite
intimately, and also it means that I have to understand every single
algorithm used in my package. 
I won't be able to do that in my lifetime.
How did you go about locating patents relevant to your packages? 
Are there some techniques, automated tools that could make this doable?

> > about locating software patents in every country that uses such patents?
> Uploading to non-us is not a solution. You should contact and work with the
> author.
 Author of patent?

Dariush Pietrzak,
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