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caml-light licence question.


I am trying to package caml-light which comes with the attached licence.
My understanding of it is that it is not distributable by debian, since
it allow distribution of modified works only as pristine source +
patches, not binaries, and i will be going to discuss this with the
upstream author(s). But is there something else i might have missed ?

BTW, what should i understand of the english sentence construction of
"the user undertakes to apply to obtain" It sound very much un-english,
but then, maybe i just misunderstand.

Please CC me or something since i am not subscribed to the list. I did
set the reply-to, but i am not sure it will work as i hope it will and
even if i am supposed to do it like that.


Sven Luther

Software: Caml Light, version 0.75 of Janvier 1999, hereinafter
referred to as "the software".

The software has been designed and produced by Xavier Leroy,
Damien Doligez, Francois Rouaix, Jerome Vouillon and Pierre Weis,
research workers for the Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et
en Automatique (INRIA) - Domaine de Voluceau - Rocquencourt - 78153 Le
Chesnay Cedex - France.

INRIA holds all ownership rights to Caml Light version 0.75.

The software has been registered at Agence pour la Protection
des Programmes (APP).


The software is currently being developed and INRIA desires
that it be used by the scientific community so as to test, evaluate
and develop it.  To this end, INRIA has decided to have a prototype of
the software distributed on the Internet.

a- Extent of the rights granted by the INRIA to the user of the software:

INRIA freely grants the right to use, modify and integrate the
software in another software, provided that all derivative works are
distributed under the conditions described in point b- below.

b- Reproduction of the software:

INRIA grants any user of the software the right to reproduce it so as
to circulate it in accordance with the same purposes and conditions as
those defined at point a- above.  Any copy of the software and/or relevant
documentation must comprise reference to the ownership of INRIA and
the present file.

The user undertakes to distribute the software either as unmodified
source files, identical to those originally made public by INRIA, or as
executable binaries obtained by compiling the original source files.

Distribution of derivative works obtained by modifying the sofware or
integrating it in another software is allowed only if the distribution
consists of the unmodified, original source files for the software,
along with difference files (patches) to be applied by the user of the
derivative work.

As regards any other type of distribution, the user undertakes to
apply to obtain the express approval of INRIA.

c- Guarantees:

Please note that the software is a product currently being developed.
INRIA shall not be responsible in any way concerning conformity, and in
particular shall not be liable should the software not comply with the
requirements of the user, INRIA not being obliged to repair any
possible direct or indirect damage.

d- Distribution of executable files generated by Caml Light:

INRIA freely grants the right to distribute bytecode executable files
generated by the Caml Light compiler (camlc). Binaries of
the Caml Light run-time system (camlrun), with the sole condition that
the documentation include the following statement:

   "This software includes the Caml Light run-time system,
    which is copyright 1991-1997, INRIA."

Executable files that include the Caml Light interactive system
(such as those generated by the camlmktop command) can also be
distributed freely, with the sole condition that the distribution
includes the following statement:

    "This software includes the Caml Light interactive system,
     which is copyright 1991-1997, INRIA."

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