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Re: The debate on Invariant sections (long)

=?iso-8859-15?q?J=E9r=F4me?= Marant <jmarant@nerim.net> wrote:
> David B Harris <david@eelf.ddts.net> writes:
>>> I'm not asking Debian to include components in main. Those components
>>> are already in main. I'm asking to keep in main GNU documentations.
>> You're asking us to keep non-Free documentation in main. The difference
>> between that and asking to "include components in main" is irrelevant
>> and a lawyer's point.
> Again, you do consider DFSG applies to documentation. If so, I agree
> with you. But I'm personaly not convinced (yet) it should be.

I think whether DFSG applies to documentation or not is irrelevant:

1. The DFSG applies to everything in Debian.

2. Meeting DFSG is the only way for something to be included in Debian.

3. To change 2 would require a resolution.

4. A doc under GFDL+invariants does not meet DFSG, either because it is
not software (if you consider docs are not software) or it is not free 
software (if you consider some form of docs may be software).

5. To change 4 requires FSF action. So far, FSF have only said that
such a question is not sensible, as far as I know.

As you can see from point 4, docs under GFDL+invariants cannot be part of
Debian, regardless of the answer to your question about whether DFSG is
suitable for documentation.

I think this is an accurate summary of where we are now. Please correct if

To resolve this other than excluding GFDL+invariants-licensed works from
Debian, you need to either change the Debian social contract or the text
of that licence.  Edge cases such as whether GFDL+no-invariants are free
software still seem to be open to debate.

> No you don't care: you don't use Emacs.

I use Emacs, but if part of Emacs has become not free software, Debian
must not hesitate to act to fix it. It's a shame and massively annoying,
but it's consistent with what Debian says in the social contract. Worst
case, we still have XEmacs, right?

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