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Re: Non-free source package with downloadable parts


> Ouch. Debian can't do this, and your installer doesn't.

Hmm, bundled product means binaries, do they?

This license definitely sucks. And this is really stupid, as I don't
see how sensitive those 2000 lines of code can be ; not to mention that
the SDK is supposed to ease the use of the flash format by providing to
developpers the necessary tools.

Oh, I tried to convince them to change this license, with no luck. No
luck either when trying to report bugs in the SDK (crash on many online
flash files). I suppose they just don't care. Unfortunately, many sites
have embedded flash content, and many users want to grab them :(

> BTW: Will libflash0 do the job?

No, unfortunetaly (no links extraction or embedded objects parser ; I can 
only simulate "play", but I won't get all links anyway) :(
I will have to find another workaround

One positive point: this license is stup^Wrestrictive enough to be 
eligible as "bad license example" in Debian :)

Thanks for the comments.

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