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Re: Non-free source package with downloadable parts

    3(d) Any direct or indirect distribution of any Bundled
         Products by you shall be under the terms of a license
         agreement containing terms that: (i) prohibit any
         modifications to the Derivative Works or any part

Ouch. Depending on what constitutes a derivative work, this wouldn't
allow linking to _anything_ in main.

    (ii) prohibit any reverse engineering, disassembly or
         recompilation of the Derivative Works or any part

Ouch. Same as above.

    (v) require the user to comply fully with all relevant export
    laws and regulations of the United States to assure that the
    Bundled Products or any part thereof is not exported, directly
    or indirectly, in violation of United States law,

Ouch. Debian can't do this, and your installer doesn't.

BTW: Will libflash0 do the job?

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