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Non-free source package with downloadable parts

Hi folks,

I am the author & maintainer of the httrack package (currently in
testing), an offline browser and mirroring utility.

Among with html, javascript/java, and css parsers, an optional,
standalone (loaded through a dlopen probe), external module allow to
provide basic flash (swf) files parsing and link extraction.

For that, I need two files from the macromedia SDK.

Unfortunately, the SDK license is a bit restrictive (see

"3. Restrictions
By using the licenses above, you agree to the following restrictions:
 a You will not make or distribute copies of the SDK, or electronically
transfer the SDK outside your company.
 b You will not modify, sell, rent, transfer, resell for profit,
distribute, or create derivative works based upon the SDK or any part
thereof other than as set forth in Section 2.
 c You will not export or re-export, directly or indirectly, the SDK
into any country prohibited by the United States Export Administration
Act and the regulations thereunder.

The point a is especially restrictive: I can't redistribute those stupid
2 files. (and other points confirm that the package can't be free)

What I have made, is a script which, in debian/rules, does the

- download (using httrack) the license html page
- transform to text and show the license to the user (using /bin/more)
- ask the user if he agrees with the license, and if so, the user must
enter "I agree" using the keyboard
- the script, upon license check, downloads the SDK zip file, extracts
the necessary parts, and continues the build process
(the build process fails if the license was not confirmed)

The script also copies the zip file in /var/tmp/httrack, and will reuse
it without confirmation the next time (as the license agreement was

Is it (legally) okay?

The source package is libhttrack-swf, and can be checked here:

(libhttrack-swf is an external module to httrack, also in


Xavier Roche

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