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Re: Barriers to an ASP loophole closure

Jeremy Hankins <nowan@nowan.org> writes:

> But you still haven't answered my question: *IF* it could be done (and
> passed the other two tests I mentioned in my other message), would it
> be free?

No.  It wouldn't because freedom means, at its root, the absence of
restrictions.  The fact that something might be helpful to somebody
doesn't justify it as a restriction; the only real justification can
be that it actually *augments* their freedom over the software (which
is why the GPL's source requirement is ok).

> So are the tests I outlined sufficient?  Do they provide a good
> framework within which to decide whether an attempt to close the ASP
> loophole is free?  Certainly nothing proposed so far passes these
> three tests, but if something did (and didn't have any other problems
> with it) would it be OK?

I don't even think the "ASP loophole" is really a loophole.  

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