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Re: PHP-Nuke: A calling for votes

On Sun, Mar 09, 2003 at 09:04:48PM +0100, Hugo Espuny wrote:
> >I don't see that a vote is either necessary or relevant here.
> It doesn't harm in anyway, and it will help me :-) This is only voluntary.

If it's a waste of time, or comes to a false conclusion (as impromptu,
ad hoc votes are liable to do), it will confuse and muddy the discussion.

(Not that this is necessarily what will happen; I'm just pointing out that
it's not a foregone conclusion that a vote can have no negative effects.)

There also seems to be a consensus that this interpretation of the GPL
is not a valid one (eg. not a reasonable interpretation of the license
itself).  Interpreting the GPL in strange, logically unreasonable ways
weakens the GPL, and weakening the GPL weakens the community as a whole.
I suggest that it is irresponsible to aid its dissemination, and that the
package should be removed completely.

Also--a more concrete question--is it safe to distribute (even in non-free)
programs which have upstream authors asserting broken interpretations of
their license terms?

(There's not yet a consensus to these questions, which is why I'm asking
them.  The only solid consensus right now was expressed in Branden's bug
report: that it can't stay in main.)

Glenn Maynard

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