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PHP-Nuke: A calling for votes


For those who doesn't know in debian-legal, i am the DD for phpnuke package. Since Mr. Robinson had filled a grave bug against phpnuke license ( http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=183672 ) i need to make a decision about moving it or not to non-free.

As after trying (yeah!, i mean trying, because is to hard to extract conclusions from such a very large thread) I don't get a clear idea of what you legal gurus think about this matter, i 'm asking you for vote accordingly with your feelings in this matter, so you help me to make my decision as i am not legal guru. No better moment as now we are in elections time :-) Just keep in mind this is not an election, but a kind of referendum to help me out. Your help is gonna be very appreciated. Also what i don't need here is more discussion with arguments about what you should or not think. So please do not make another flame from this. We all have enough. Just vote.

Rules of engagement:

1) People who can vote: anyone reading this message (so reading debian-legal)
2) What you can vote: just one of the next options, just once by person.
             a) "Move it to non-free"
             b) "Stay at main"
             c) "I don't know"
3) Where i have to send my vote: to debian-devel as a reply of this message, and please cc to my debian address
4) Duration: ok, more or less a week since now.
5) Sign: you don't need to sign with pgp/gpg your vote if you don't like. This is not such an official thing.

I still think this software is DFSG and GLP2 compliant. So here is the first (my) vote: +1 to b)

BTW, for those who are interested, I have emailed Mr. F. Burzi about this and other matters, but i don't feel like he is gonna answer me, since this is not the first time i try to reach him unsuccessfully.


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