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Re: PHP-Nuke: A calling for votes

Steve Langasek wrote:

I don't see that a vote is either necessary or relevant here.

It doesn't harm in anyway, and it will help me :-) This is only voluntary.

 Unless you
have a specific argument why you believe the interpretation put forth by
debian-legal is wrong,
Just my personal opinion about GLP 2c as a programmer. I am not legal guru btw.

if you are unwilling to accept the consensus of
this list and move the package to non-free, I have no reservations about
filing a bug requesting PHP-Nuke's removal altogether.
Not at all. Just trying to know what you people think. And going to non-free is probably what gonna happen if the voting stays the same way it is now. Probably i will need less than a week to have a right idea of the consensus.

Perhaps you should reconsider whether it's wise to maintain a package for
a piece of software with such an antisocial upstream.

Perhaps... I don't know him personally. And i understand that he probably receives _a lot_ of mail about phpnuke. So i will give him another chance.

Anyway, i inherit your position like an "a)"


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