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Re: transformations of 'source code'

On Thu, Mar 06, 2003 at 01:10:22PM -0500, Joe Moore wrote:
> Is indent(1) lossless?


> Should it be considered a transformation?


> It is certainly a trivial "modified work".

Exactly.  It's a modification, not a transformation.

> The tr example (tr A-Z a-z source.c > newsource.c) is irreversible
> (lossy), but (assuming the source names don't collide under this
> transformation) produces the same binary, and is (probably) just as
> readable/editable as the original.  (MyVariable -> myvariable)

I suggest actually trying this on some real-world code.  A
garden-variety X client, for example.  It likely won't even compile.

If it's lossy, it can't be transformation; instead it is modfication.

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