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Re: OSD && DFSG - different purposes

Ean Schuessler <ean@brainfood.com> writes:

> > If, therefore, OSD-free gets written into some law granting special
> > patent rights to free software, say, then that's something that we can
> > all live with quite happily.
> You are assuming that the use of the definitions won't be inverted.
> Suppose that laws, like the DMCA, begin to state that certain licenses
> that don't have "viral properties" are OK for free patent use but things
> like the GPL aren't. It would cause us to have to reevaluate non-free in
> a radically painful way. That's a far-fetched example but I'm sure
> someone could create a more frightening and realistic one with some
> effort.

My sentence said what it said.  I spoke of *OSD-free*, which
unquestionably includes the GPL.  And I spoke of laws which grant
special rights, not which restrict them.

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