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Re: OSD && DFSG - different purposes

Russell Nelson <nelson@crynwr.com> writes:

> Henning Makholm writes:
>  > This denies a user the right to make modifications and distribute the
>  > modified software (with source code) to his neighbour *without* also
>  > distributing it to the public at large.
>  > 
>  > The consensus on debian-legal that this right is a sine qua non for
>  > DFSG-freedom is strong and well established.
> Where does it say this in the DFSG?

Number 3 requires this.

>  > which I take to mean that one who accepts the license must effectively
>  > give Apple a royalty-free license to use each an every patent he
>  > controls.
> Where does it say this in the DFSG?

Numbers 1 and 3 requires this.

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