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Re: PHPNuke license

On Wed, 5 Mar 2003, Steve Langasek wrote:

> You believe there is *no* ambiguity regarding the words "reads commands
> interactively when run" and "started running for [...] interactive use",
> that this is always limited to cases where a single invocation of an
> executable program presents an interactive interface?

I believe that NOTHING is completely unambiguous, but that the above 
definition is ordinary enough that alternate interpretations require a lot 
of stretching.

> If you believe this interpretation of interactivity would imply that
> Debian includes infringing software, I suspect you've misunderstood the
> scope of my argument.

Perhaps so.  However, it seems likely that this proposed definition would
make almost all software interactive.  How this affects other GPL software
that's been modified without considering 2c I can't say.

> I am only talking about the instance of a web app which, though it
> exists as a series of discrete scripts that communicate with the user
> through a stateless HTTP connection, presents a unified "interactive
> session".

Sure, but why limit it to web apps?  Almost all apps communicate with the 
user in some manner.  How is delivering a blob of HTML to a renderer in
response to a query any different from delivering a blob of text to a 
logfile watcher in response to a syslog() call?  Or delivering email to a 
user by writing some files in response to a cron invocation?
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