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Re: OSD && DFSG - different purposes

Thomas Bushnell, BSG writes:
 > So there is an *extra* requirement for the distribution of a modified
 > version: you must make the modifications publicly available.  There is
 > no such requirement on the original version.

The DFSG #3 doesn't require that modified versions be distributable
under the same conditions as non-modified versions.  It says that you
have to be able to redistribute under the same license.  You got the
software with the RPSL, and when you redistribute it, you can license
it under the RPSL.  DFSG #3 is there to ensure that everyone has the
same rights to redistribute the software -- that there isn't a point
source of the software.

 > The license has a notion of "personal use".  Personal use is one
 > category of use of the software; if there are different conditions for
 > "personal use" than other uses, then the non-discrimination clauses of
 > the DFSG are applicable.  

No.  A license may treat different catagories of people differently so
long as each category's freedoms fit under the DFSG.  For example,
this license abides by the DFSG: "This software is licensed under the
GPL and the BSD licenses.  If you are an educational institution, you
may abide solely by the terms of the BSD license.  Everyone else must
abide by the GPL."

It would be ridiculous to say that it didn't.

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