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Re: The Helixcommunity RPSL is not DFSG-free

Don Armstrong wrote:
> As a parting note, it is troubling that they call a license version
> 1.0, and then have a revision date associated with it. The RPSL should
> really be refered to as RPSL version 1.0 as of 10/28/2002 or some
> such. [Or they should incrememnt the version numbers when they change
> something.]

You mean like what section 7 says:

  7. Versions of the License. Licensor may publish revised and/or new
     versions of this License from time to time. Each version will be given
     a distinguishing version number. [...]

which leads me to believe new language in the license will be indcated by a
new version number.  I thought I had already read version 1.0 but now I'm
wondering what version of the RPSL I first saw.

My apologies for any confusion brought on by referring to old commentary in
reference to the October 28, 2002 version of the RPSL.

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