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Re: academic software without licence

"may be used without restriction" does not give you the right to distribute or modify. Use clauses only govern actual use.

I guess the bottom line is this software is probably not to be treated as free software unless/until the author says it is. Rather annoying I know.
Ok. Asking for the permission to distribute and modify is not enough. We need this permission for everyone. I must then ask the author to relicence the software (under the GPL for instance).

As anybody experience with this? I would love to have a model of message that explains the issue and ask this politely. It should be targeted at academics. By the way, I don't know if they can relicense easily, or must go through a lot of administrative hassle.

Please share your experience on this.

For example, I am interested in packaging SEM:
which has no licence, just a "do what you want" notice.

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