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academic software without licence


What exactly must be done when trying to package an academic piece of software, which typically has no copyright but mentions such as :

   - The program is provided "as is." There is no warranty.
   - may be used without restriction
- available to everyone, with no restrictions (and of course no warranty)

etc... ?

In addition, they are often unmaintained, as the author(s) moved to an other project. This is not a problem because such software is usually well tested, widely used and generally useful. Think of "classics" such as the Boyer-Moore theorem prover, for instance. But naturally, this cause asking for relicensing problematic.

There is documentation on which kind of license are free, but the only suggestion I saw for this problem was to ask this list :(; So here I am.

If there is need to contact the authors, please point me to a model for this kind of demands.

Antoine Mathys

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