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license =? copyright

What IS the real difference between a licence and a copyright?
I am a bit confused at this point, especially because I hear the copyright is what gives (or doesn't) give you freedom to use, modify, distribute, etc.

On the other hand, I found that in a package I am interested in (it 's already done BTW), Otter :

What should I do about it ?
For the browser-less, this software is said to be free, has NO copyright, but a license that reads : "the Government is granted for itself and the public a paid-up, nonexclusive, irrevocable worldwide license in this material to reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute copies to the public, and perform publicly and display publicly."

It is exactly what we need. But there still is no license, so in theory no rights whatsoever.

As you may understand, I am getting angry about the issue, especially since I am thinking of packaging more software like this :(;

Thank you for your hindsight

Antoine Mathys

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