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mod_ldap for proftpd is now post-card licensed (proftpd 1.2.7+)...

Hi legal folks!

Is this a condition to move proftpd-ldap in non-free?
I think the additional condition of postcard requesting is a GPL

Quoted from author's site:

mod_ldap is distributed under the GPL, with an additional explicit
clause to allow linking against OpenSSL.

As of mod_ldap 2.8.10, you _must_ send me a postcard at the following
address if you use mod_ldap. If you do not send a postcard, you are in
violation of mod_ldap's licensing. I'm not trying to be needlessly
uptight about this, all it boils down to is that I want to know that
people are using mod_ldap and that they appreciate the effort I put into
working on it (and providing free support, I might add). I tried making
this optional on some of my other software, but it's been several months
and I've yet to receive even a single postcard. If you don't have(?) or
don't want to send a postcard, send a photograph of your local area or
of something geographically close to you that you find interesting.
It'll only cost you a dollar or two. Please do me a favor and send it.

Any hints

Francesco P. Lovergine

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