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Re: Bug#176267: ITP: mplayer -- Mplayer is a full-featured audioand video player for UN*X like systems

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On Wed, 29 Jan 2003, Jeff Licquia wrote:

> On Wed, 2003-01-29 at 09:43, Seth Woolley wrote:
> > All I see from you people is "he's a bad, bad boy" and nothing
> > substantive.  You also whine as much as he does.
> >
> > You guys blew the libmpeg2 "issue" way out of proportion, considering the
> > libmpeg2 author was in on the whole thing.

s/You guys/a guy/  my mistake.

> I haven't seen a statement from the libmpeg2 author in this whole thread
> concerning his "in-ness" on "the whole thing".

There was a reply from the MPlayer author who wrote the libmpeg2 part.  If
you want something other than that, you can ask the libmpeg2 author
yourself.  It is on -devel.

> Do you believe everything someone says on the Internet?  No?  Then why
> should we?  Why is it so offensive that we ask for proof?

The only way you're getting proof besides a statement from them is to
directly contact the libmpeg2 author.  I think it's on track to be being
included, so I don't really feel like adding much more to the
discussion at this point.

> > Here's what you can do:
> >
> > "I know others mischaracterized the situation, but here's a real issue..."
> >
> > So far, nobody's done this.
> Then you should rest easy, as it's very likely that such high-quality,
> free, uncontroversial software will be a shoo-in for inclusion.

I agree.  I'm resting easy.

> Indeed,
> it would seem that someone is already hard at work to make this a
> reality.  If the legal situation with mplayer is as you say, then
> "apt-get install mplayer" should be a reality in a jiffy.
> That is your goal, right?  Or are you (and others) just interested in
> slamming people when you say things like that?

Is pointing out that there hasn't been a real issue demonstrated slamming
people?  Then I apologize.

I don't want to slam people.  I just couldn't find anywhere in all the
responses why the MPlayer devs were being treated exclusively the way they
were.  The only successful point on-issue (there are a lot off-issue) was
when the MPlayer devs pointed out the Xine unfair treatment.  I don't care
if the MPlayer devs are pissy at you.  Perhaps I also unfairly grouped
- -legal into a group when I shouldn't have.

My want to have MPlayer included in THE major distro was emotional, and I
cast the net a bit too wide.

Apparently I made the same grouping mistake here too:


As I think this will be resolved soon anyways, I'll try to avoid posting
on-list anymore.



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