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Re: Bug#176267: ITP: mplayer -- Mplayer is a full-featured audioand video player for UN*X like systems

Josselin Mouette wrote:
> it *will* be accepted. No matter how many stupid rants Gabucino can write
Huh? I am not against MPlayer being included into Debian.

> no matter how crappy the code is,
Uh.. MPlayer's code is crappy? Hm :)

> I already encountered performance issues on my 700 MHz Athlon system
> with mplayer.
What "performance issues?" Kernel compilation is slow while playing DVD?

I can play 800x600 MPEG4 movies on my AMD K6/2 500 without framedrop. We're
waiting for your bugreport on mplayer-users.

> That is a fact. Seven hundred million is a measurable number : the number of
> cycles per second on that system.
Then your computer has enough power to paste MPlayer's output to a text editor.

MPlayer Core Team

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