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Re: Bug#176267: ITP: mplayer -- Mplayer is a full-featured audioand video player for UN*X like systems

Le mer 29/01/2003 à 05:22, Seth Woolley a écrit :
> Nobody has provided that, and I'm here, doing my part to lobby for you
> guys to improve your selection.  MPlayer is the best, the fastest, the
> most stable, and the easiest to use (IMHO) of any of the players, to date,
> and it would be terrible not to include it because of personal issues.

There are people who think Adobe Photoshop is the best, the fastest, the
most stable and the easiest to use imaging software. Unfortunately - for
them - it won't enter Debian.

> Gabucino is within his rights to say that he doesn't want to see bug
> reports from binary copies of MPlayer floating around and doesn't care
> about it being included in Debian.  But many of your responses were all
> unfair and baseless.

When you don't respect the others' wills regarding licensing, you are
hardly in a position to ask others to respect your wills.

> I, as an evangelist that suggests people use Debian instead of my own
> distro at times, think that you guys should get over your legal
> non-issues and include MPlayer, for the benefit of the regular end users
> that don't want to have to compile everything from source and who want a
> Totally Free (TM), non-corporate GNU/Linux distro for their desktop.

If someone builds a clean, entirely free, without legal problems,
package of mplayer (which Andrea has been trying to do for some months -
I insist on months, as most packages can enter Debian in a a few days
after someone started the job), it *will* be accepted. No matter how
many stupid rants Gabucino can write, no matter how crappy the code is,
no matter how many of us won't use it.

> P.S.  Anybody who thinks that MPlayer isn't substantially faster than any
> other free video player for Un*x systems is wholly ignorant of the facts.

I already encountered performance issues on my 700 MHz Athlon system
with mplayer. That is a fact. Seven hundred million is a measurable
number : the number of cycles per second on that system.
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