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Re: proposed licence change for moodle

On Tue, 2003-01-21 at 15:44, Nick Phillips wrote:
> On Wednesday, January 22, 2003, at 07:03  am, John O Sullivan wrote:
> > I would welcome any comments on this, as would the <a
> > href="mailto:martin@dougiamas.com";>author</a>.
> IANAL, but my comments follow...
> I'd recommend that the author carefully considers section 2 of the GPL.
> If the moodle logo etc. is hardwired into the sources, then 
> modification will be required
> to remove it, which may only be made under the terms of this section. 
> The modified
> program will fall under the scope of 2c, which requires "an appropriate 
> copyright notice"
> and notice that there is no warranty.
> An appropriate copyright notice would certainly include his copyright, 
> and potentially
> more detail. Perhaps a "clarification" as to what constitutes 
> "appropriate" could be added
> in the same manner that the "linking exception" clauses may be... it 
> could perhaps be
> specified to include the Moodle name at least?

I think that a logo is beyond a copyright notice that 2 (c) requires the
preservation of.  Why not suggest switching to the AGPL?  

> Any FSF licensing gurus listening?

While I do licensing for the FSF, I'm not speaking for the FSF in this

-Dave Turner
GPL Compliance Engineer
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