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Re: proposed licence change for moodle

On Wednesday, January 22, 2003, at 07:03  am, John O Sullivan wrote:

I would welcome any comments on this, as would the <a

IANAL, but my comments follow...

I'd recommend that the author carefully considers section 2 of the GPL.

If the moodle logo etc. is hardwired into the sources, then modification will be required to remove it, which may only be made under the terms of this section. The modified program will fall under the scope of 2c, which requires "an appropriate copyright notice"
and notice that there is no warranty.

An appropriate copyright notice would certainly include his copyright, and potentially more detail. Perhaps a "clarification" as to what constitutes "appropriate" could be added in the same manner that the "linking exception" clauses may be... it could perhaps be
specified to include the Moodle name at least?

Any FSF licensing gurus listening?



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