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proposed licence change for moodle

I am working on packaging <a href="http://www.moodle.com";>moodle</a>,
currently GPL. The author has asked for comments on a proposed licence
change described here.

> I'm proposing a small change to Moodle's license to add a clause about
> the use of the Moodle logo:
> All installed and redistributed copies of Moodle must retain the "Made
> with Moodle" logo (or a visible equivalent) on the home page that 
> links to moodle.com. If you wish to remove the logo, re-brand Moodle,
> or redistribute modifed copies of Moodle then please contact
> martin@dougiamas.com to negotiate terms and pricing.
> The reason for this is that I'm trying to make Moodle a
> self-sustaining project so I can work on it full-time, and it seems a
> little unfair that some companies are starting to pass it off as their
> own product without contributing to Moodle itself.
> Please note that Moodle itself will ALWAYS be free and open-source.
> If you have comments I'd love to hear them!

There are a number of drafts of the licence change, but this is the
general idea behind it.

I replied that in the format above it would probably violate the DFSG
and I would have to package it as non-free. The author wants to keep the
software free. Later in the discussion he noted it might be better if
anyone redistributing moodle would have to distribute it as pristine
source with patches, thus preserving his logo/reputation.

I would welcome any comments on this, as would the <a


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