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Re: Freeradius and Debian

Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org> wrote:
> I'm not presenting a coherent enough argument to convince debian-legal
> I'm right; I'm too lazy to do so and it would involve significant
> research on my part.  Instead I'm trying to convince interested
> parties that the fact that there exists a library that is GPL
> compatible and that has the exact same interface may interact with the
> anti-linking argument.

If there is a GPL compatible library that we can run and build the
program with, then the resulting object file contains no GPL code.  If
we distribute it to a user, and that user decides, at runtime, to link
to some other library, then Debian is in the clear (as is the user,
unless the user distributes the aggregate).

But the object file must not have any traces of GPL incompatible code.

> If someone actually wants to see free radius with postgres in
> Debian, it might be worth their time to do the necessary research to
> determine whether I'm confused.

You're not _totally_ confused.

Walter Landry

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