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Re: Freeradius and Debian

[new cc: debian-legal, Wichert Akkerman]

Hi, Paul.

On Sat, Nov 23, 2002 at 06:47:28PM +1100, Paul Hampson wrote:
> Will FreeRadius be appearing the the Debian Archive at all?
> I thought an old version used to be there, but I can't seem
> to see it now.

I hope it will.  The Sarge release manager removed it from the archive because
of my old "too buggy" complaint (which I no longer feel is a problem).  (I've
cleared up in "upstream" almost every reported bug in the Debian BTS.)

However, _now_ there might be some possible legal problems with it.  The
postgresql driver links against libssl, which has a license that forbids
linking against GPL'd code.

I'm CCing debian-legal list to get opinions on whether linking against libpg,
which then requires linking against libssl, is verboten.

I could drop the postgresql driver altogether, and be okay legally, but I'd
rather not.
> Also, if there are problems with the Debian packaging in the
> files, do you want them put into the Debian BTS, emailed to
> you or sent to the -users mailing list or patches@freeradius
> address?

If it's strictly within the debian/ directory, then file a bug in the debian
BTS, and CC me if it's grave.

Thank you.

						- chad

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