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OT: history of "copyright" (was: Re: Linux kernel complete licence check, Q.0 - Q.10)

On Thursday 21 November 2002 01:12 am, Edmund GRIMLEY EVANS wrote:
> Thomas Bushnell, BSG <tb@becket.net>:
> > > I think the point is that "copyright" as a verb only makes sense in a
> > > historical, USA context. Most countries have never had a requirement
> > > or even a possiblity of registering things for copyright, as I
> > > understand it.
> >
> > The OED lists "copyright" as a verb, going back as far as 1806.
> I think the first US-wide copyright law of 1790 did involve
> registration. If this was also the first major copyright law to
> involve registration  

"It was the Licensing Act of 1662 which established a register of licensed 


- Derek

> then it fits perfectly if the verb "copyright"
> appeared shortly afterwards.
> I don't think the OED is on line, but if it is, I'd be grateful for a
> URL.
> Edmund

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