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Apple Public Source License and more


I am packaging the Mac-on-Linux emulator mol, which is itself GPLed.
Recently, it has become capable of booting both Mac OS and Linux on
its virtual machine and therefore was moved from contrib to main.  Now
the question has arisen whether some of the low-level drivers that mol
includes should actually be in main.  If I understand Samuel's (he is
the upstream author) explanation correctly, their licenses fall in
three categories:

1. GPL

   This is no problem at all of course and since Linux runs on top of
   this driver, the package will stay in main and non-free drivers
   will be moved to a separate package in non-free if necessary.

2. Apple Public Source License

   A number of drivers are adapted from Darwin and were released under
   the Apple Public Source License (APSL).  More specifically, version
   1.2 applies, which to my knowledge was certified as free, but a few
   posts on this list express doubts.  What is the current situation
   on this?

3. no clear license

   Some drivers are based on example code that Apple supplies as a
   starting point for driver development.  This was before the APSL,
   so Samuel believes it is possible to place them under a free

Furthermore, to quote Samuel,

| All the binaries above run within the MOL session and they are
| coupled to MOL and the linux side through a syscall interface.
| Running non-GPL code in this manner might slightly violate the mol
| GPL license.

Is this correct?  What modifications to the mol license would be
necessary to keep mol DFSG-free while allowing for non-free drivers to

Thanks for any comments, Jens.

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