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Re: Aspell-en license Once again.

Henning Makholm <henning@makholm.net> writes:

>> Well, the idea was that you glance at the word list, maybe remove a word
>> or two, and then copyright it for yourself.  Should take no more than 5
>> minutes.
> No, it doesn't work that way. It would still be freeriding on the
> original author's creative choice of which words to include in the
> original list. 

But isn't the compilation of several wordlists to make one big wordlist
a form of creative choice, thereby creating an original copyright-able

After all, it's possible that a small-ish wordlist is a subset of
another unrelated, much larger wordlist.  But the larger wordlist
wouldn't infringe on the copyright of the small list.

> Likewise, a novel does not escape its author's copyright just because
> you strike out a couple of sentences at random.

What comprises the originality of a novel is more than just the words
used.  That's not true of a wordlist.

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