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RFC and other standard.


I see the critical bug report of doc-rfc.
Thus I have some questions:

DFSG is only for software or also for documentation?

Surelly we can (better MUST) include license in main,
and the license are clearly unmodifiable, but what about
I hope documentation will be "free", but I also
understand that the standard should be fix.

IIRC TeX require that you change the name of "tex"
if you modify it in a non conform manner, and tex-free

Reading about the RFCs, It seems that I can modify standard,
to improve it [maybe this is a to big restriction], but surelly
I should modify the name.

Thus, for interoperatibility, the standard should be inchangeable,
or we will suffer of the microsoft sindrome (The way M$ do small change
to standard to force m$ user not to change vendor).

1) DFSG should allow such standard
2) we should modify DFSG so that such exception are recognized
(without open to much non-free hole)


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