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Re: Regarding linux-kernel-conf and Qt


On 12 Oct 2002, Jeff Licquia wrote:

> Congratulations on making the front page of Slashdot.

Wow. :)

> Qt is currently dual-licensed; you can choose the terms of the QPL or
> the GPL.  If you choose the terms of the GPL, then there is obviously no
> contradiction with the terms of the GPL.  If lkc is licensed under the
> GPL, therefore, there should not be any problem with using Qt in it.

I know and lkc uses GPL, so I was never really worried about this.

> There may be other good reasons to use a different toolkit, but I
> wouldn't count legal problems among them.

As I already wrote on lkml, if anyone wants to do so, he has my support.

bye, Roman

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