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Regarding linux-kernel-conf and Qt

Congratulations on making the front page of Slashdot.

I noticed in the lkml thread that there was some concern about the use
of Qt as the toolkit for lkc.  Since Debian was one of the prime movers
behind the anti-Qt movement in the past, I feel that we should respond
to this.

Qt is currently dual-licensed; you can choose the terms of the QPL or
the GPL.  If you choose the terms of the GPL, then there is obviously no
contradiction with the terms of the GPL.  If lkc is licensed under the
GPL, therefore, there should not be any problem with using Qt in it.

There may be other good reasons to use a different toolkit, but I
wouldn't count legal problems among them.

I've CCed the debian-legal list.  If anyone from that list objects, I'm
sure they will respond and let you know their objections.  Please CC the
list on any responses, if you would.  Feel free to pass on this response
to whomever you feel it necessary, as well.

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