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Re: Removal of Email Address

Is there any actual evidence that obscuring email addresses in common forms like "asd at suespammers dot org" actually does any good?

Has anyone actually created two random email addresses, and posted them to the same web page, one obscured, one not, and seen if there is a measurable difference in spam?

My personal experience, though I have done no scientific test (as above), suggests that neither of them would get a notable amount of spam.

However, there is a _very_ noticable difference between trying to find a message from branden@debian.org and one from some obscured form (how was it obscured today?). There is a significant difference in how easy it is to contact 'a href="mailto:branden@debian.org";' vs. 'branden at debian dot org', 'branden@debian.removethis.org', etc.

Seriously, I have posted many, many, places with my suespammers address. I get little spam at it, but a piece or two a day. OTOH, my derobert@erols.com address gets nailed with tens of pieces a day.

I realize that spammers could be avoiding the suespammers address (it'd make good business sense, after all), but most of my spam seems come from people plopping my address into web pages that don't bothing doing double confirms, or from APNIC space.

[Wow, derobert@erols.com got spammed again while writing this. Ugh.]

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