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Hi, I am one of the APSFILTER user who send you post card :)

I like your post card ware idea :)  

But problem is If LICENSE file supersede COPYRIGHT file, APSFILTER may
be considered non-FREE in Debian by some folks.  There was a discussion
to move your software to NON-FREE section due to this in Debian.  (I
think it is narrow minded to do this without asking you.)

In order to quiet this noise, I am seeking official words from you.

  1.  Is this GPL program?
  2.  "please" in LICENSE is a strong moral request but violation of this
      will not void nor supersede license given by GPL.

I think changing LICENSE file as follows shall make it easier for Debian
to keep your software in FREE category. 


# $ApsCVS: src/apsfilter/LICENSE, Exp $

#   Copyright by Andreas Klemm <andreas@apsfilter.org>
#   Copyright 1993-2002

"Postcard License".

If you use apsfilter for business or home purposes, then you are
strongly encouraged to send me a postcard. 

If you are a distributor of this software, it is strongly encouraged to
maintain the installation feature which prompt user to send me a post

This product is otherwise free of charge and provided as GPL 2.

You can get my address automatically by writing to this e-mail address:


Also changing wording in docs/apsfilter-handbook-stable.html
4.1.1 License also need to be similar.

Did Ville Muikkula <vmuikkul@ratol.fi> contacted you?
I CCed this to the mailing list In-reply-to Ville Muikkula's comment.
+  Osamu Aoki <debian@aokiconsulting.com> @ Cupertino, CA USA         +

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