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Re: apsfilter license

Will Newton <will@misconception.org.uk> writes:

> On Monday 26 Aug 2002 11:58 pm, Ville Muikkula wrote:
>>   Is this allowed? apsfilterconfig terminates if the user does not accept
>> the license. I am under the impression that the GNU GPL does not permit
>> these kind of additions, that is, requiring physical goods to be sent to
>> the software author(s).
> I would say it depends on the meaning of "please send". The "please" bit 
> seems to me to say that the author does not require this but wishes to 
> encourage it. But it is unclear.

The online documentation is clear, however:

"The current apsfilter license requires you to send a postcard to
Andreas Klemm. You can get his snail-mail address by sending an e-mail
to apsfilter-snailmail@apsfilter.org, which you can do directly during
the SETUP process, or later (e.g. if sendmail is not available)."

All glory to the hypno-toad.

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