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[Fwd: Re: Watercolor-theme for Metacity]

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  I'm trying to assemble a package of high quality themes for the
metacity window manager. I will be carefully testing each theme and only
including ones which are of high quality and consistency; implement the
entire metacity theme definition; and most crucially are dfsg compliant.

When contacting one of the Theme authors regarding licensing issues,
they brought up an interesting point about the legal implications of
themes which attempt to look like proprietary operating systems.
Obviously, the themes must not contain any copyrighted images, but what
is the legal position with regard to the following; how would you answer
the author's question?

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> From: Norman Jonas <normanjonas@arcor.de>
> A last point to mention is, that the original theme is based on a Microsoft
> XP build 2410 look called "Watercolor" - this could be a licensing-problem.
> I think the only way to solve this, is to contact Microsoft and ask them for
> their permission .... Maybe you could tell me your suggestions on this.
> Best regards,
> Norman Jonas
> normanjonas@web.de

I look forward to haring your responses.

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