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Re: Non-free interpreted program based on a GPL library

Le dim 25/08/2002 à 21:49, Steve Langasek a écrit :

> PHP itself does not have a GPL-compatible license, so if it's true that
> libmysqlclient is licensed only under the GPL, we cannot distribute
> php4-mysql at all.  However, I would be surprised if this is truly the
> case; given how often PHP and MySQL are used together, I would expect
> that someone would have noticed this problem by now.  Rather, I suspect
> that the copyright file for the libmysqlclient package is inaccurate. 
> In fact, a quick glance at /usr/include/mysql/mysql.h on my system shows
> that this file is distributed under the LGPL.

That's true, the debian/copyright file says :
    1. All the MySQL-specific source in the server, the mysqlclient
       library and the client, as well as the GNU readline library is
       covered by the GNU General Public License. See section [26]H GNU
       General Public License. The text of this license can also be found
       as the file `COPYING' in the distributions.
while the .c files headers state that they are licensed under the LGPL.

So what has been said is true for a GPL'ed library, but not for

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