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Re: [Fwd: Re: Watercolor-theme for Metacity]

Mark Howard <mh@tildemh.com>:

> > A last point to mention is, that the original theme is based on a Microsoft
> > XP build 2410 look called "Watercolor" - this could be a licensing-problem.
> > I think the only way to solve this, is to contact Microsoft and ask them for
> > their permission .... Maybe you could tell me your suggestions on this.

Microsoft is a company legally obliged to work for the benefit of its
shareholders. What possible justification could there be for them to
give permission?

IANAL, and I really have no idea what the chances are of this sort of
thing being a copyright violation, but personally I would probably
just go ahead and worry about legal threats if and when they
materialise. I definitely wouldn't ask Microsoft first, as that would
just make me look guilty if I subsequently ignored their reply and
they did decide to sue me. Then again, I wouldn't have raised the
question on a publicly archived mailing list, either, for similar


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