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Obnoxious ad-clause strikes again.

I know some people who're thinking of moving their proprietary
products to GPL instead, but they want to be able to link to some
jakarta jar-files. (obnoxiously ad-clause-licensed, iirc)

I suggested using the GPL with an exception clause (since the company
is sole copyright holder of the software at the moment).

a) How do you think that suggestion clause should look?

b) Would they be allowed to link to real GPL stuff like the readline

They wouldn't be able to include GPL-ed code in their GPL-ed (with
exception) code, right?

This is sad and confusing.

Does anyone have a solution? Iirc, RMS said that the KDE/QPL-problem
would've been okay if the kde-team had explicitly given permission to
link with QPL-ed stuff. Was he talking about an exception clause?

This being written in java complicates things even more. They link to
Suns standard java libraries, also.

This isn't Debian related... yet. At one point in time they'll want
the software to be in main, I guess.

Thank you very much for any help.

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