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Re: Encoding the name in the file contents

Walter Landry writes:

 > percolated up to the top.  Isn't this stability what the LaTeX people
 > want?  They put their stamp on a set of packages and call it good.

it seems that I'm unable to explain the situation properly since this type of
misunderstanding shows up over and over again 

  There is no BODY or group (eg the LaTeX Project) that puts a stamp on
  something and thereby calls it good.

Anybody can contribute to the ULL --- yes that includes you Walter --- simply
by providing a work under LPPL that can be loaded into the kernel. Once that
work is on the archives it is part of the ULL (ie good as you say).

The point is that by distributing it under LPPL it will be the same everywhere
(or not on the installation). That work of yours might change/overwrite any
part of other code in the ULL. That's fine because that doesn't change the
fundamental property of the ULL (identical behaviour as long as you start with
a LaTeX kernel at big bang).


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