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Re: User's thoughts about LPPL

> Would a statement in the license that *either* of the following must
> happen be acceptable to the LaTeX project?
> * The modified copy of the Program is distributed under a name which
>   clearly distinguishes it from Standard LaTeX, the unmodified copy.
> * Any files which share names between the unmodified copy and the
>   modified copy must be identical in content.  You may modify files
>   only if you change their names.

such a statement appears already in the modguide.tex file (which is
referenced from the licence) as I posted this morning.
there is the additional requirement that you have to make sure your
modified files are not picked up by latex (if you also distribute that).

that is 
you can have (if you want, although no one does) 
that has its own article.cls that does whatever you want.

But you can't do that if that modified file is on latex's default path 
so that
uses the same file.

point 2 in modguide.tex which I post again:

  Give your system a distinguished name, such as \nstex, which clearly
  distinguishes it from \LaTeX{}.

  Ensure that it contains no file with a name the same as that of
  a file in the standard distribution but with different contents.
  (If this is not possible then you must: 
    ensure that files from the non-\LaTeX{} system cannot be
    accidentally accessed whilst using a standard \LaTeX{};
  \item ensure that each file from the non-\LaTeX{} system clearly
    identifies itself as a non-\LaTeX{} file on the terminal and in the
    log file.)

  Ensure that the method used to run your system is clearly
  distinct from that used to run Standard \LaTeX; e.g.~by using a
  command name or menu entry that is clearly not \texttt{latex}
  (or \texttt{LaTeX} etc).

  Ensure that, when a file is being processed by your system, the
  use of non-standard \LaTeX{} is clearly proclaimed to the user by
  whatever means is appropriate.

\item Ensure that what is written at the beginning of the log file
  clearly shows that your system has been used, and that it is 
  not Standard \LaTeX{}.
  See the file \texttt{cfgguide.tex} for how to achieve this.

 Clearly explain to users that bug reports concerning your 
 system should not be sent to the maintainers of Standard

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