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Re: forwarded message from Jeff Licquia

A short two cents from a user...

Boris Veytsman <borisv@lk.net> wrote:

> Timothy Murphy <tim@birdsnest.maths.tcd.ie> wrote:
> > (1) The intersection of those interested in LaTeX and those
> > seriously interested in Debian is almost empty, I imagine.

I'm a LaTeX user and Debian developer.
> > (2) You (or someone else on the Debian "side") asked for the "LaTeX
> > community" to comment on the discussion.  I'm an ordinary LaTeX
> > user, but I'm pretty sure that I speak for 95% (if not 100%) of
> > LaTeX users when I say that satisfying the Debian licence comes very
> > low indeed in my order of priorities.
> I completely disagree with these points. 
> 1. I know many LaTeX users. Debian is a distribution of choice for
>    many of them. 
> 2. The state of TeX/LaTeX in Debian is high on the priority list for
>    many LaTeX users I know, and very high for many system admins that
>    support LaTeX on their machines.

Right.  As a LaTeX user, I'd be sad to see it go from Debian.
> Having said this, I need to note that the integrity of my (La)TeX
> distribution on the production systems is higher in my priority list
> than ease of maintaining. If Debian starts to change the standard, I
> will probably migrate to TeXLive again -- with all the problems this
> migration would cause.

I think you can have both.  I don't think a DFSG-compliant license will
mean a fork of LaTeX by the Debian maintainer of that package.

I have always appreciated the fact that you could run latex on 10
year-old sources and get the same output, but I have also come to
appreciate the rights granted by DFSG-compliant software.  


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