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Re: User's thoughts about LPPL

> you missed the point, which is that the changes in the Latex kernel
> had to be made in order for Klingon (or whatever language) to work.
> Don't tell me that there will never be a need to change the internals
> in order to make something work.  You can't anticipate everything that
> will happen in technology for the 100 years.

If the user wants klingon they go


klingon.sty can redefine _absolutely every single line of latex code in
the latex distribution_ and still be compliant.

What more do you want?

If you want more and want to change the kernel itself rather than
redefining it on the fly (perhaps just for optimisation reasons) you can
do that as well as long as you don't call it latex, see the quote from
modguide.tex I posted a few minutes ago.


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