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100 copies in 30 days (was: GNU FDL 1.2 draft comment summary posted, and RFD)



On Thursday 13 June 2002 00:07, Walter Landry wrote:

> How about adding a section 3d) to the GPL with something like
>     d) Only distribute 100 or fewer copies in a 30 day time
> period.

If one licensee can distribute 100 copies each 30 days, not 
bundled with its source code, 100 licensees can do this with 
10,000 copies. As there is no law that prevents redistribution 
of legally distributed copies, a company could buy these 10,000 
copies from the 100 licensees and sell them without source code.

The hole in the copyleft would be big enough to drive a death 
star size spacecraft carrier mothership through. 


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