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Re: Linking against OpenSSL

Thanks to you both for the explainations!

Branden Robinson wrote:

> That is correct.  Also, if the GPL'ed program also links against a
> separate GPL'ed library, the upstream author of that library has to
> permit it.

> In other words, if GPL'ed app A links against OpenSSL and GNU readline,
> you need permission from both the copyright holder of "A" and from the
> Free Software Foundation to link with OpenSSL.

Ok. But how has this permission to look like? Is a paragraph in the
upstreams package's COPYING file, in which is stated that permission to
link to OpenSSL is granted, sufficient?

> Please do not use the word "illegal" in conjunction with copyright.
> [...]

Heh, I knew that illegal wasn't the right word, but I couldn't think of
a better one :-) Thanks again!

regards, Stefan

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