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Re: Bug#147430: hpoj: Linking against OpenSSL licensing modificat ion (GPL)

On Fri, May 24, 2002 at 12:30:38AM -0500, Jeff Licquia wrote:
> On Thu, 2002-05-23 at 21:47, PASCHAL,DAVID (HP-Roseville,ex1) wrote:
> > Thanks to everyone for the information.  I will probably need to consult
> > with our attorney and several others to make sure that whatever I use (even
> > if it's the FSF template) properly addresses my concerns and doesn't create
> > any undesired loopholes.  In the meantime, informally I don't object if you
> > continue to link with libcrypto to satisfy libsnmp's dependency on
> > libcrypto, but if that's not sufficient then you can always temporarily
> > disable hpoj's SNMP support until I can supply an appropriate formal license
> > exception statement.  (I don't suppose there's a way to link with libsnmp
> > but not libcrypto?)
> Hmm... Debian is releasing imminently.  Normally I would think we
> wouldn't need to act until things are all cleared up, but the status quo
> is about to be immortalized.  I don't know if that changes things.

Actually it doesn't change things.  Hpoj in woody isn't linked against
OpenSSL so it doesn't have this problem, when woody becomes the stable
release, Debian is fine as far as HPOJ licencing issues go.

I suppose I should of spelt this out for debian-legal.  What I'm actually
talking about is getting the licencing sorted out for the next release of
hpoj to go into unstable (sid), so from that side there is no rush for HP
to resolve the licence, just as long as it is being progressed within HP.

For David Engle. Is there a way to link with libsnmp but not libcrypto?


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